Hiker Finds Abandoned Pit Bull With Bullet Wounds, Carries Dog To Safety

This is a truly good samaritan.

CBS Las Vegas

PHOENIX, Ariz. (CBS Las Vegas) – A good Samaritan carried a pit bull down a mountain in order to save the animal’s life.

Last Friday, a woman was hiking along a local trail when she happened upon a 2-year-old pit bull who had been shot multiple times and left to die.

The woman – Andi Davis – documented the animal before slowly approaching him. Finding the dog to be calm, she gave him a drink of water before lifting the 47-pound dog off the ground.

According to Bretta Nelson, the spokesperson for the Arizona Human Society who relayed the story to WTKR due to the family’s reluctance for media attention, Davis then began what would be an hour-long trip back to civilization.

“At first she was shaking because she was scared,” Nelson told the station. “Then she was shaking because of the weight of him.”

At one point, the dog reportedly stopped…

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