Readers’ cats: Purruru

Why Evolution Is True

After the mortality must come a felid. Reader Steve Obrebski sent a picture of his cat Purruru:

Purruru is allegedly a Flame Point Siamese, a breed having  bright, reddish-gold points and brilliant blue eyes, creamy-white, short coats, and look like Siamese cats.  Elsewhere these cats are also called Red Point Siamese or Color Point Shorthairs.  We got him from a Japanese friend who had to move back to Japan.  He is very snuggly with me and my wife, but also likes the laps of visiting ladies. and likes to dash outside (we keep most of our cats indoors) so we have to use a can of special aromatic cat food to entice him indoors.  We have had him for 12 years and he is doing fine.  He was probably 3 when we got him.  We never checked but maybe Purruru is a Japanese word pertaining to cats.


Steve that they…

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